Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hands Off Those Who Are Mourning

They're still at it now that their good friends, the odious Phelps Cult, have decided to use the dead of Sandy Hook in their endless PR efforts.    Using the occasion to indiscriminately hate on all Christians -including those who are being deprived of their right to bury their dead in peace by the lazy fat-heads on the Roberts Court - the atheists are doing essentially the same thing.

I'm sure it's as great a comfort for them to be told they're superstitious and deluded by atheists as it is to have their places of worship and the sacred ground where they lay their loved ones used in the PR campaigns of other hate groups.

The right of people to bury their dead in the way which is meaningful to them is sacred, no one should presume to speak for them.   If the judges and "justices" and the ACLU are too stupid to be able to make the distinction between a "right" to spread hate, which can happen on any day of the year, in any place, and the ONLY occasion a family has to bury their dead, we need smarter judges and self-appointed champions of rights.    I'd point out that we need smarter atheists but if there are any they seem to be voluntarily restraining themselves from telling the loudmouthed morons among them to shut up.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

No One With Any Decency Would Do It But Obviously Atheists Will

On the night that Dr. George Tiller was murdered, I was on Eschaton blog, where I used to hang out.   As soon as the news hit, the large number of assholish atheists who frequent that blog began to rage against Christians and religious folk in general, assigning responsibility for his murder to all religious people and Christians in particular.

Only if they'd bothered to read the news reports they'd have seen that Dr. Tiller was murdered WHILE HE WAS USHERING AT HIS REFORMED LUTHERAN CHURCH.   According to the congregated atheist assholes at that blog,  Dr. Tiller, as a member of a Christian church,  was responsible for his own murder, as were his friends and family and every other "Xian" in the world.   Having long since become fed up with atheist assholes, I pointed that out.  Needless to say, the correction wasn't appreciated.

When I went online today and saw that atheist assholes are using Adam Lanza in their rage against Christians and other religious people, I admit to being shocked.  Really, they have no shame, there is no lowest level to which they won't sink in their outrageous assholeish bigotry.    As many of the victims of that mass murder are prepared for funerals at churches and synagogues as many of their surviving victims will turn to their religious traditions to cope with an incomprehensible grief that any decent person would not interfere in or think of using, the asshole atheists are claiming the murdered children, teachers and others as their property, for their own use.

UPDATE: Looking around more, it's clear that a lot of gun nuts are trying to steal the bodies of the dead in Connecticut for their own purposes as well, leading to an often occurring alignments between the pseudo-Christian right and the materialist left.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Public Forum Doesn't Belong to Atheists

If you cede public discourse to rude, obnoxious people in the hopes of discouraging incivility you're just ceding public discourse to people who like being rude and obnoxious.   Atheists who don't like to be rude and obnoxious seem to have ceded atheist discourse to them, I don't see any reason for religious people to let them have the rest of it.   

Monday, December 3, 2012

Atheists Believe they Own the Internet and the Left Just Like They Own Science

I don't know how many times, commenting on topic on a blog post or some other thing the atheists have hauled out the "you're a troll" mantra, one of those limited number of things they say instead of coming up with an argument or countering evidence.   If you're careful to be able to back up what you say when you argue with them, they'll always get back to that kind of stuff.

Hilariously, I've had many a clueless atheist mistake my far-left position as being evidence I'm a Republican.   Just this morning, in fact.   I'd never claim that most atheists were as Bright as so many of them believe themselves to be but, really, considering what most of what I say is quite far to the left of most of the blog atheists, it's kind of a hoot to be accused of really supporting the opposite of what I advocate.   It could lead someone to conclude they aren't very smart or that they're just basically dishonest.

Religious leftists have to assert themselves online and elsewhere or these dolts will remain the face of the left, turning away numbers many larger than they are.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

On Hitler Supposedly Being a Christian

Blog atheists are notable for their habit of all saying a small number of limited things over and over again.  Usually they've gotten them from other atheists instead of directly from people who know what they're talking about.  One of those is the frequently repeated tape loop about Hitler and the Nazis being Christians.

In an argument on this point last week,  something occurred to me that I'd never considered before.  In the grim list of groups who were murdered by the Nazis there are Jews, Roma, disabled people, leftists, gay German men, Jehovah's Witnesses, Catholic priests, especially Polish and Czechoslovakian priests and any others who opposed the Nazis,  The protestant Confessing Church, etc.  But there is one group relevant to that frequently made atheist canard, that the Nazis were a Christian phenomenon,  missing from that horrible list.

Atheists were not targeted by the Nazis for extermination or even suppression.

The Nazis violated the teachings of Jesus in the most obvious and fundamental ways.

They did not love God with all of their heart, soul, strength and mind and their neighbor as themselves 

They didn't do unto others as they would have done unto them.

They did not turn the other cheek when attacked.

They did not love their enemies and pray for them.

They did not act as good Samaritans.

They did not give to the poor and the destitute, the downtrodden of the world, they did their best to crush them into dust.   That is what the Nazis did to the least among them.

They lived by the sword and died by it, their dying by the sword was about the only part of Jesus's words they fulfilled.   The Nazis tried to gain the world and they lost their souls, as so many who merely profess Christianity without fulfilling its requirements do, even outside of that indisputably anti-Christian group.

Nazism was entirely compatible with atheism and the most profoundly religion hating atheists, as Martin Bormann's position in the Nazi hierarchy proves.  And he was far from the only atheist who was an enthusiastic Nazi.  There is nothing in materialism, the faith of most modern atheists, that was violated by the Nazis, there is everything about the gospels that they violated.  Their actions and words were entirely incompatible with the teachings of Jesus, his closest disciples, the Jewish prophetic tradition they were a part of and most of the history of Christian theology.  Clearly, being a serious Christian was far less compatible with being a Nazi than being a serious materialist, being an atheist doesn't seem to have conflicted with it at all.

Materialism has no ban against murdering people, singly or as a total genocide, it is absolutely against the gospel of Jesus to commit one murder or to refuse to give aid to people living in misery.   A materialist, acting with complete integrity with his beliefs, can kill people and refuse to help the helpless, a good Christian cannot. Trying to live by those teachings of Jesus listed above could get you imprisoned and killed by the Nazis,  especially those teachings against killing other people and doing justice.  The pacifism of the Jehovah's Witnesses was one of the things that brought them some of the severest treatment of any group under the Nazis.  Following the teachings of Jesus is what also got other religious people murdered.

A Nazi could possibly be convinced that killing and oppressing people is wrong from the teachings of Jesus found in the Gospels, there is nothing in atheism or materialism that could convince them to give up Nazism.    That is real life proof that Christianity is better than materialism and atheism.  That difference isn't unimportant.  That difference is real, it is conclusive, it means everything.  

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Some Excuses Atheists Use To Be Assholes

Atheists, the whiny kind who are always gassing on about how oppressed they are have an odd way of defining what their oppression is.

Given that they assert they have a right to be rude and obnoxious jerks to religious people, the reciprocal right of people to be rude and obnoxious to them right back is taken as a tragic injustice.   Clearly, they think that some jerks are more equal than others and they're that kind of jerk.

They rage against the horrible wrong of having to endure the religious expression of the vast majority of the human population who are religious.   This is especially hilarious when they gas on and on about free speech and free thought as if those are the property of atheists.   They obviously believe it is the divine right of atheists to shut up the vast majority of the population.  Well, maybe not  a divine right, but one they hold is theirs.

In their desire to use the non-establishment clause in The Constitution they go well past the legitimate use of that to maintain a wall of separation between religion and the state to insisting it is a rule that covers all of life. Well, most of us life our lives outside of the confines of the governemt where that is a legitimate rule, we are under no obligation to separate religion from our lives, including our political activities.

This leads to one of the most absurd whines of recent years, that most people in some polls say they won't vote for an atheist.   Atheists whining about that often mention the "no religious test" clause in The Constitution.   Any brief and informed consideration of that will show that it is the executive, legislative and judicial branches that are forbidden to make a test of religion before someone can hold office, THAT RESTRICTION DOESN'T APPLY TO VOTERS.   Voters can and do decide who to vote for and who not to vote for and no one can tell them why they decide that.  One of the things that often makes them decide to not vote for someone is if they insult and offend them.   Atheists who want to change that might stop insulting religious people, the majority of VOTERS and to tell atheists who do insult them to go to hell,  so to speak.   But they'll have to admit that they do that or, quite likely, atheists who are assholes do that on their behalf.   You're not going to stop atheist assholery coming back to bite you.   Anyone who belongs to a genuinely targeted group can tell you that.

This is bound to turn into a continuing series about the excuses that atheists use to be assholes and why those are stupid and why people who make those excuses for themselves are stupid assholes.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Atheists Don't Own The Left

I'm a leftist of the liberal variety,  a gay, socialist, leveler who believes that equality is the most important of our political rights.    I've been visiting and reading blogs for more than a decade, now, and have been commenting on and writing for blogs almost as long.   I am also religious,  I believe in God and believe in the reality of moral obligations and the rights that are the absolute possession of people and other living beings.   My being a leftist instead of a selfish jerk motivated by self interest motivated my imaginary selfish genes is based in my religious convictions.

Anyone who has gone to many lefty blogs will have noticed that being religious often seems to be a minority point of view among liberals and leftists on the blogs.   That's not due to religious folks being scarce on the left.  Just as a matter of simple math, religious believers comprise between eight and nine out of ten members of the American public.  That means the left has to be mostly comprised of people who are religious.  It also means that if the left wants to convince people and expand, take sufficient numbers of public offices in order to gain power necessary to make our agenda law,  the people we need to convince are largely religious folks.

An anti-religious left is a left that will never gain power democratically,  not during our lifetimes or those of the next generation.   I will go so far as to say that I don't believe that they will ever gain power democratically, though they can take it un-democratically and have to disastrous results for the people they rule over and, in a far less serious way, the left here who have championed them.   There has been, by the way nothing liberal about the atheist dictatorships, no matter what they and their supporters have pretended and still pretend.   Trotsky was a vicious, homicidal ideologue who would have at least matched Stalin in ruthless slaughter if he'd gained power.   Few of their champions sitting in material comfort in western cities have opted to directly benefit from the various atheist paradises that they've waxed over so romantically.  The left that aspires to real progress should never have accepted them and their explicitly anti-democratic ideologies.   They've cost us an enormous price, politically and spiritually.   Without democracy, without an absolute belief in the reality of inherent rights and moral obligations, liberalism is meaningless, the far-"left" is, in fact, no different from the far right.

That's just by way of prelude to the fact that on most lefty blogs anti-religious jerks are a loud and, in many places, dominant voice.  And they are assholes, by and large, or near assholes who have no objection to their bigotry, their lies, their derision and divisiveness.   Among the targets of atheist assholes on the blogs are liberals and leftists who are Christians, the majority of the population of the United States and just about every other western democracy.   I suspect that Christians are the majority liberals and the left,  religious Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and others adding to the majority of the left which is religious.

Atheists who are assholes have done little to nothing in passing any of our agenda that has managed to make it into law, there aren't enough of them to do much of anything by themselves and their antics are more likely to lose the support of numbers larger than the small splinter group they comprise.  Even the Civil Rights Act that  made atheists a fully covered minority under the law, even as other groups were excluded, was passed by religious legislators, with the force of religious liberals pushing behind it.   If atheists had had to rely on the massively obnoxious Madalyn Murray O'Hair, it never would have won passage and been signed into law.  The fact is that it was Reverend Martin Luther King jr and groups such as the Southern Christian Leadership Conference  who have had a major part in making whatever progress we have made in the area of civil rights.  In the recent victory we had in passing marriage equality in my state of Maine, the support of religious denominations and congregations was vitally important.   Atheists who wanted to attack them on my behalf could have divided the progressive side and lost the vote.

As assholes among atheists have pushed their way to the fore since the mid-1960s, political progress has halted.

If the left is going to make progress it will have to marginalize or dump anyone who is more interested in their divisive obnoxiousness and attention getting than they are in winning people over, making alliances with our nearest allies and doing the hard work of presenting a united force for positive change.  There is nothing positive, nothing unifying in atheist assholes who have taken over so many blogs and other media allegedly of the left.  Not all atheists are assholes but the ones who aren't have been mostly silent in face of this barrage of atheist assholism.  I used to encourage them to speak up but they're either in agreement with their being assholes or they're too timid to call them on it.  I'm not waiting anymore.

I'll go into detail on this blog on why I don't think most atheists really belong on the left, which I've become convinced is the reason they've proven to be so useless to making progress over the past century and a half.