Monday, December 3, 2012

Atheists Believe they Own the Internet and the Left Just Like They Own Science

I don't know how many times, commenting on topic on a blog post or some other thing the atheists have hauled out the "you're a troll" mantra, one of those limited number of things they say instead of coming up with an argument or countering evidence.   If you're careful to be able to back up what you say when you argue with them, they'll always get back to that kind of stuff.

Hilariously, I've had many a clueless atheist mistake my far-left position as being evidence I'm a Republican.   Just this morning, in fact.   I'd never claim that most atheists were as Bright as so many of them believe themselves to be but, really, considering what most of what I say is quite far to the left of most of the blog atheists, it's kind of a hoot to be accused of really supporting the opposite of what I advocate.   It could lead someone to conclude they aren't very smart or that they're just basically dishonest.

Religious leftists have to assert themselves online and elsewhere or these dolts will remain the face of the left, turning away numbers many larger than they are.


  1. Great stuff, man! I love it! I read that comment thread you linked to, and, wow, it's like trying to reason with a brick wall, isn't it? I'm glad someone is trying to help these goons think through this stuff, I don't have the patience.

  2. If you want a perfect example of an asshole atheist, just look at yukithemeddler. He's smug, condescending, and thinks he has everything figured out simply because he doesn't believe in god.