Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Some Excuses Atheists Use To Be Assholes

Atheists, the whiny kind who are always gassing on about how oppressed they are have an odd way of defining what their oppression is.

Given that they assert they have a right to be rude and obnoxious jerks to religious people, the reciprocal right of people to be rude and obnoxious to them right back is taken as a tragic injustice.   Clearly, they think that some jerks are more equal than others and they're that kind of jerk.

They rage against the horrible wrong of having to endure the religious expression of the vast majority of the human population who are religious.   This is especially hilarious when they gas on and on about free speech and free thought as if those are the property of atheists.   They obviously believe it is the divine right of atheists to shut up the vast majority of the population.  Well, maybe not  a divine right, but one they hold is theirs.

In their desire to use the non-establishment clause in The Constitution they go well past the legitimate use of that to maintain a wall of separation between religion and the state to insisting it is a rule that covers all of life. Well, most of us life our lives outside of the confines of the governemt where that is a legitimate rule, we are under no obligation to separate religion from our lives, including our political activities.

This leads to one of the most absurd whines of recent years, that most people in some polls say they won't vote for an atheist.   Atheists whining about that often mention the "no religious test" clause in The Constitution.   Any brief and informed consideration of that will show that it is the executive, legislative and judicial branches that are forbidden to make a test of religion before someone can hold office, THAT RESTRICTION DOESN'T APPLY TO VOTERS.   Voters can and do decide who to vote for and who not to vote for and no one can tell them why they decide that.  One of the things that often makes them decide to not vote for someone is if they insult and offend them.   Atheists who want to change that might stop insulting religious people, the majority of VOTERS and to tell atheists who do insult them to go to hell,  so to speak.   But they'll have to admit that they do that or, quite likely, atheists who are assholes do that on their behalf.   You're not going to stop atheist assholery coming back to bite you.   Anyone who belongs to a genuinely targeted group can tell you that.

This is bound to turn into a continuing series about the excuses that atheists use to be assholes and why those are stupid and why people who make those excuses for themselves are stupid assholes.

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