Friday, November 16, 2012

Atheists Don't Own The Left

I'm a leftist of the liberal variety,  a gay, socialist, leveler who believes that equality is the most important of our political rights.    I've been visiting and reading blogs for more than a decade, now, and have been commenting on and writing for blogs almost as long.   I am also religious,  I believe in God and believe in the reality of moral obligations and the rights that are the absolute possession of people and other living beings.   My being a leftist instead of a selfish jerk motivated by self interest motivated my imaginary selfish genes is based in my religious convictions.

Anyone who has gone to many lefty blogs will have noticed that being religious often seems to be a minority point of view among liberals and leftists on the blogs.   That's not due to religious folks being scarce on the left.  Just as a matter of simple math, religious believers comprise between eight and nine out of ten members of the American public.  That means the left has to be mostly comprised of people who are religious.  It also means that if the left wants to convince people and expand, take sufficient numbers of public offices in order to gain power necessary to make our agenda law,  the people we need to convince are largely religious folks.

An anti-religious left is a left that will never gain power democratically,  not during our lifetimes or those of the next generation.   I will go so far as to say that I don't believe that they will ever gain power democratically, though they can take it un-democratically and have to disastrous results for the people they rule over and, in a far less serious way, the left here who have championed them.   There has been, by the way nothing liberal about the atheist dictatorships, no matter what they and their supporters have pretended and still pretend.   Trotsky was a vicious, homicidal ideologue who would have at least matched Stalin in ruthless slaughter if he'd gained power.   Few of their champions sitting in material comfort in western cities have opted to directly benefit from the various atheist paradises that they've waxed over so romantically.  The left that aspires to real progress should never have accepted them and their explicitly anti-democratic ideologies.   They've cost us an enormous price, politically and spiritually.   Without democracy, without an absolute belief in the reality of inherent rights and moral obligations, liberalism is meaningless, the far-"left" is, in fact, no different from the far right.

That's just by way of prelude to the fact that on most lefty blogs anti-religious jerks are a loud and, in many places, dominant voice.  And they are assholes, by and large, or near assholes who have no objection to their bigotry, their lies, their derision and divisiveness.   Among the targets of atheist assholes on the blogs are liberals and leftists who are Christians, the majority of the population of the United States and just about every other western democracy.   I suspect that Christians are the majority liberals and the left,  religious Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and others adding to the majority of the left which is religious.

Atheists who are assholes have done little to nothing in passing any of our agenda that has managed to make it into law, there aren't enough of them to do much of anything by themselves and their antics are more likely to lose the support of numbers larger than the small splinter group they comprise.  Even the Civil Rights Act that  made atheists a fully covered minority under the law, even as other groups were excluded, was passed by religious legislators, with the force of religious liberals pushing behind it.   If atheists had had to rely on the massively obnoxious Madalyn Murray O'Hair, it never would have won passage and been signed into law.  The fact is that it was Reverend Martin Luther King jr and groups such as the Southern Christian Leadership Conference  who have had a major part in making whatever progress we have made in the area of civil rights.  In the recent victory we had in passing marriage equality in my state of Maine, the support of religious denominations and congregations was vitally important.   Atheists who wanted to attack them on my behalf could have divided the progressive side and lost the vote.

As assholes among atheists have pushed their way to the fore since the mid-1960s, political progress has halted.

If the left is going to make progress it will have to marginalize or dump anyone who is more interested in their divisive obnoxiousness and attention getting than they are in winning people over, making alliances with our nearest allies and doing the hard work of presenting a united force for positive change.  There is nothing positive, nothing unifying in atheist assholes who have taken over so many blogs and other media allegedly of the left.  Not all atheists are assholes but the ones who aren't have been mostly silent in face of this barrage of atheist assholism.  I used to encourage them to speak up but they're either in agreement with their being assholes or they're too timid to call them on it.  I'm not waiting anymore.

I'll go into detail on this blog on why I don't think most atheists really belong on the left, which I've become convinced is the reason they've proven to be so useless to making progress over the past century and a half.

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