Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hands Off Those Who Are Mourning

They're still at it now that their good friends, the odious Phelps Cult, have decided to use the dead of Sandy Hook in their endless PR efforts.    Using the occasion to indiscriminately hate on all Christians -including those who are being deprived of their right to bury their dead in peace by the lazy fat-heads on the Roberts Court - the atheists are doing essentially the same thing.

I'm sure it's as great a comfort for them to be told they're superstitious and deluded by atheists as it is to have their places of worship and the sacred ground where they lay their loved ones used in the PR campaigns of other hate groups.

The right of people to bury their dead in the way which is meaningful to them is sacred, no one should presume to speak for them.   If the judges and "justices" and the ACLU are too stupid to be able to make the distinction between a "right" to spread hate, which can happen on any day of the year, in any place, and the ONLY occasion a family has to bury their dead, we need smarter judges and self-appointed champions of rights.    I'd point out that we need smarter atheists but if there are any they seem to be voluntarily restraining themselves from telling the loudmouthed morons among them to shut up.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

No One With Any Decency Would Do It But Obviously Atheists Will

On the night that Dr. George Tiller was murdered, I was on Eschaton blog, where I used to hang out.   As soon as the news hit, the large number of assholish atheists who frequent that blog began to rage against Christians and religious folk in general, assigning responsibility for his murder to all religious people and Christians in particular.

Only if they'd bothered to read the news reports they'd have seen that Dr. Tiller was murdered WHILE HE WAS USHERING AT HIS REFORMED LUTHERAN CHURCH.   According to the congregated atheist assholes at that blog,  Dr. Tiller, as a member of a Christian church,  was responsible for his own murder, as were his friends and family and every other "Xian" in the world.   Having long since become fed up with atheist assholes, I pointed that out.  Needless to say, the correction wasn't appreciated.

When I went online today and saw that atheist assholes are using Adam Lanza in their rage against Christians and other religious people, I admit to being shocked.  Really, they have no shame, there is no lowest level to which they won't sink in their outrageous assholeish bigotry.    As many of the victims of that mass murder are prepared for funerals at churches and synagogues as many of their surviving victims will turn to their religious traditions to cope with an incomprehensible grief that any decent person would not interfere in or think of using, the asshole atheists are claiming the murdered children, teachers and others as their property, for their own use.

UPDATE: Looking around more, it's clear that a lot of gun nuts are trying to steal the bodies of the dead in Connecticut for their own purposes as well, leading to an often occurring alignments between the pseudo-Christian right and the materialist left.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Public Forum Doesn't Belong to Atheists

If you cede public discourse to rude, obnoxious people in the hopes of discouraging incivility you're just ceding public discourse to people who like being rude and obnoxious.   Atheists who don't like to be rude and obnoxious seem to have ceded atheist discourse to them, I don't see any reason for religious people to let them have the rest of it.   

Monday, December 3, 2012

Atheists Believe they Own the Internet and the Left Just Like They Own Science

I don't know how many times, commenting on topic on a blog post or some other thing the atheists have hauled out the "you're a troll" mantra, one of those limited number of things they say instead of coming up with an argument or countering evidence.   If you're careful to be able to back up what you say when you argue with them, they'll always get back to that kind of stuff.

Hilariously, I've had many a clueless atheist mistake my far-left position as being evidence I'm a Republican.   Just this morning, in fact.   I'd never claim that most atheists were as Bright as so many of them believe themselves to be but, really, considering what most of what I say is quite far to the left of most of the blog atheists, it's kind of a hoot to be accused of really supporting the opposite of what I advocate.   It could lead someone to conclude they aren't very smart or that they're just basically dishonest.

Religious leftists have to assert themselves online and elsewhere or these dolts will remain the face of the left, turning away numbers many larger than they are.